I’ve worked on quite a few projects, both large and small.

Here are some of the more interesting commercial vertical market applications I’ve built:

  • The Bridal and Tuxedo Profit System, which is a complete enterprise point-of-sale system for retail stores, with features to benefit bridal and tuxedo stores.  It also manages warehouse formal wear production. Written in Visual Foxpro 9, it has around 700 screens and 200 reports.
  • Retail and Bridal Everywhere, a tenant model web-based point-of-sale system for bridal and retail. Written in ASP.NET with MVC.
  • Titan Backup, which is  an offsite backup system consisting of a client program, authentication server, and back-end data storage system.
  • The Tuxedo Profit System for DOS is a rental formal wear production management system, written back in the mid 2000’s.  It’s actually still in use today at a number of locations. Written using the Clipper programming language.
  • The Breezeplay mobile application was a mobile web site used to control the Breezeplay Enviroscape panel, which was an early home automation system.  The application was written using classic ASP.

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