I work in C# on our web-based point-of-sale system EverywhereBridal. I also work on a large Visual FoxPro application,  The ProfitSystem.

How did I get started?

The first computer I really used was a PDP-11/34. I didn’t own the PDP-11/34, Butler University did. Since my father was a professor we had a VT-52 compatible dumb terminal and acoustic coupler. With them I could connect to the PDP and play games, like Star Trek, and more importantly, write programs.  It was my first exposure to BASIC.

My first personal computer was a Commodore 64 where I learned 6510 assembly language with Commodore 64: Programmers Reference Guide and books by Jim Butterfield.

From there it was on to the PC and MS-DOS, where I wrote Pascal code using the UCSD p-System.  I also worked with Turbo Pascal.  When we started our first company, we used Clipper and FoxPro to develop business applications.

Today I like to write C# and Javascript code.