I’m a programmer and a computer enthusiast.

This is a sculpture in the Mojave Desert, created by an artists collective outside a ghost town in Nevada that I visited.

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A Close Call with Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker We recently had an interesting run-in with Cryptolocker We have a number of customers that run the pre-release version of our ProfitSystem software. We also use it in-house, it’s called “dogfooding“,Read More...
By : chris | Jun 27, 2014

External DNS and redundant internet connections

Having redundant internet connections and a DNS fail-over service is essential for hosting our in-house web servers and other web services. If our internet connection goes down for any length of timeRead More...
By : chris | Jul 11, 2013

Why Can’t Legacy Thin Clients Connect to RDS on Server 2012?

At BBL Systems, we use Remote Desktop Services extensively. Our sister company runs our point-of-sale system from a 2003 Server via Remote Desktop. They have around 50 users who access it viaRead More...
By : chris | May 2, 2013

Using ASP.NET SignalR To Play an RPG

My son plays an RPG with his friends (think Dungeons and Dragons, but with a Star Wars feel.) I played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid as well. My brothers and ourRead More...
By : chris | Apr 19, 2013

Oplocks project on GitHub

Our Visual FoxPro applications had been in wide use since the early 2000’s, and before that our Clipper based applications had been in use since the late 80’s.  Visual FoxPro and ClipperRead More...
By : chris | Mar 15, 2013

PrintRaw project on GitHub

Interfacing to UPS (and FedEx) to ship packages is fairly straightforward. The carriers each have a web api to create the shipment and generate a shipping label. For UPS, the application canRead More...
By : chris | Mar 7, 2013